Get instant results.

Create more quality time with your family.

Be able to handle (almost) any situation with your kids.

Sounds good right?

There’s no way around it. Parenting can be HARD.

“Just” getting through the daily basics, like getting our kids dressed, fed and out the door can feel like pulling teeth. Wait, did I remember to brush my kids teeth this morning? You know what, I don’t feel like taking on that fight right now, especially since I finally got him to put his shoes on!

Kids yelling at us, us yelling at them, tears, threats and power struggles are regular visitors. And when we’ve finally managed to wrangle our cute, sweet, exasperating and challenging kiddos into bed it’s all we can do to not collapse on the couch, exhausted. 

Just to realize that the kitchen still looks like a tornado hit it, and the laundry awaits. And what about time for myself? Wait, time’s up for the day!

It doesn’t have to be this way! Life can be more in flow, and be more fun too!

Hi, I’m Johanne Bade and I help ambitious moms of young kids communicate and connect better with their kids to make family life easier and more fun. So they can be more of the badass they want to be!

If this sounds like something for you? Book a coaching call with me and let’s take the next step! Or check out the group coaching track that I offer “Tools for Talking” specifically to support moms in increasing confidence in themselves, gaining understanding of their kids and plus you’ll get some really awesome tools!

Not sure my kind of coaching is for you? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions as well as the testimonials below. Still not sure? Let’s have a quick (informal) chat to see if it’s a good match. You can schedule a call here. If I can’t help, I’m happy to support by referring to someone who can.


What others have to say...


Accountant and mom of 1 (6)

I would totally recommend this course to any parent who is struggling but also to those who are not; this course teaches you how to cover those essential topics to be a better parent and improve communication, not only with your kid but within all your household and even you can apply the tools in your work, friendships, etc.


Hospital Advisor and mom of 3 (6 & 3)

This approach turned out to be super effective in communicating with my (highly sensitive) son. Since then, I’ve not only become more conscious of how I communicate with my kids, but I also enjoy applying the tools I learned on a daily basis!


Project manager and dad of 1 + a bun (4)

What I most enjoyed were the stories from other parents. I had the feeling: I'm not alone! That, and Johanne is a skilled conversation leader. She gave space for people to share but at the same time made sure we covered the content and were done on time. I can really appreciate that!


Stay at home mom of 2 (3 &1)

"My husband and I learned a lot from a session with Johanne. We implemented and already have noticeable results. Emotional toddler outbursts are down about 50% and are escalating less often! We will keep working on it! I even used the tools on my husband and they work!"


Entrepreneur and mom of 2 (5 & 8)

The course is a Game Changer! I experienced a shift from only seeing my kids misbehaving to how we can make it work together. My kids feel understood and are collaborative 80% of the time!


Stay at Home Mom of 2 (3 & a newborn)

It was a real fresh-air/me-time during which we had good laughs, deep reflection and strong support. Everything to feel energized and confident as a mum! I needed it and it was worth it!