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Create more quality time with your family.

Be able to handle (almost) any situation with your kids.

Sounds good right?

There’s no way around it. Parenting is HARD.

“Just” getting through the daily basics, like getting our kids dressed, fed and out the door can feel like pulling teeth. Wait, did I remember to brush my kids teeth this morning? You know what, I don’t feel like taking on that fight right now, especially since I finally got him to put his shoes on!

Kids yelling at us, us yelling at them, tears, threats and power struggles are regular visitors. And when we’ve finally managed to wrangle our cute, sweet, exasperating and challenging kiddos into bed it’s all we can do to not collapse on the couch, exhausted. 

Just to realize that the kitchen still looks like a tornado hit it, and the laundry awaits. And what about time for myself? Wait, time’s up for the day!

It doesn’t have to be this way! Life can be more in flow, and be more fun too!

Hi, I’m Johanne Bade and I help stressed, tired moms and dads create a mindset shift to become better parents.

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What others have to say...


Psychologist & Coach, mom of 3

"I love the way Johanne brings knowledge I already know in a new perspective and uses role play. That helped me to not only know, but also absorb and visualize applying it with my kids. I applied the way I respond to my children, by matching the intensity of their feelings, and it works miracles. Definitely a workshop worth the time I invested!”



Entrepreneur, mom of 2

“I have two lovely daughters (aged 5 and 2) and I struggle on a regular basis with them. I was urgently in need of more balance at home when I heard about the workshop and was immediately enthusiastic. I got practical tools which I could implement directly. It really is all about recognizing the children's feelings! It was eye opening and I can really recommend Johanne and her practical tips.”



Project manager, dad of 1

The tools taught, discussed, and expertly facilitated by Johanne help us not just "be there" for our children but to "be present" for them. Whatever your experiences growing up were, these methods provide a solid, go-to framework that removes parental guesswork to equip our children with a fearless, emotionally astute mindset.”