World traveller and Parent Coach with a Passion for Helping Other Moms Make Life Easier!

I grew up on a boat, sailing around the world. I’ve lived in New Zealand, California, Israel and am now based in The Netherlands. I’m married to a wonderful entrepreneurial Dutch guy and together we have 3 young kids; Tyler (6), Dylan (4) and Roxy (9 months).

I’m a researcher (MSc), hold a degree in Psychology and am a certified coach and communication trainer. For the

There’s a whole lotta theory out there. And even more videos, blogs and podcasts. If you’re tired of trying to figure it all out on your own (again) and running back to the books or internet every time a new challenge pops up, you’re in the right place!

Working one-on-one and in small groups I help smart, driven moms of young kids who aren’t making the progress they’d like to see in life and in parenting take one practical step at a time to create change that lasts. The results? A calmer, in control mom and a more harmonious, fun home life!

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