This is a very cool one for me to be presenting, because it’s with another Parent Coach…one that specializes in helping parents with their sometimes out of control TEENS!

You may have noticed Lillian Beaudoin in the group already! If you haven’t…go back and check out her posts 😇 She’s super motivational and has so much experience…it’s awesome to have her here contributing in the group!

This badass business mom is first and foremost a mom and grandma. She’s also a Life and Wellness Coach, Activist and Advocate! Woahhhh…

Want to heal and strengthen your relationship with your teens fo ra more happy and harmonious home…then this is your lady!

Lillian also has some special FREE gifts for you ladies – so awesome! Her E-book: “HELP!! My Teen is Driving Me CRAZY! and a free mini-training!

You can anyways check our interview here.

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