When it comes to talking about their financial goals, a lot of mom entrepreneurs really mess up setting their financial goals. For starters, they often avoid setting goals in that area completely. And if goals are even set in the first place that’s where it stops 😱

💣 Not planning is a mistake that sets you up for failure 💣

💥 Because setting a goal without creating a plan is the same as wishing upon a star, then sitting back and waiting for it to magically appear.​

And what happens when there’s no plan?​

🙈 A lot of random, unfocused action​

🙈 Little to no checking on progress​

🙈 No knowledge of what you’re doing right or wrong​

🙈 Disappointment when the goal date arrives & it hasn’t been achieved​

💃 What you should be doing as a badass mom in business is not only setting very clear financial goals, but also working out a grounded, specific plan as to how you’ll be getting there!​

When you have a solid plan it allows you to:​

🌟 Have a clear understanding of weekly and daily tasks​

🌟 Supports focused action​

🌟Allows you to check progress and identify areas for improvement​

🌟Is empowering and supports confidence​

👉 So the next time you hit the start of the year, quarter, or even month, instead of setting a goal and then forgetting about it or only checking it when the deadline hits…sit down and work out how you’re planning on getting there!​

​Here’s the link to the live video in the Facebook group.

If you’d like to get the whole system as to how I set (financial) goals in a way that’s supportive put a 💸 in the comments below.


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