When it comes to investing in their businesses (and themselves) one of the mistakes I consistently see moms in business making is holding out until the last minute. Until things are going downhill and there doesn’t seem to be any other option.​

👉 This is like waiting to repair potholes in a road until they’ve gotten so massive that they cause a flat tire or broken axle one day. It takes a whole lot more time, effort and money to handle that road full of potholes than simply filling one at a time as you go along.​

😨 Yet time and time again I see smart, driven business women delay delay delay until they’re to the point of quitting their business entirely or taking a step back to get a job on the side because it’s simply not working.​

💰 Instead, investing in that business on a regular basis should be part of any standard business plan and strategy. Because a little help from the right people early on can go a long way.​

🧠 Think of an accountant, tools to support automation, an assistant, or even a coach 🙃 Because when you are getting the right support in a timely manner, some of the awesome results will be​

🎯 More time and money​

🎯 Increased mental space to enjoy your business​

🎯 Less struggle, more flow​

👉 So next time you find yourself struggling with an aspect of your business where you could get support, STOP IT! Take a moment to really reflect on how much it’s costing you, and what the potential return on investment could be!​

Want to get more insight into how to make these decisions? Ask and I’ll share my structure 🤩

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