🤯 When it comes to implementing change, one of the major mistakes I see other moms in business making is trying to change everything overnight! ​

🤑 Part of the reason is seeing all the success stories of those around us and thinking that their success also just magically happened. This simply doesn’t happen! In fact, according to serial entrepreneur and marketing author Seth Godin, “most overnight successes take about six years of hard work to happen.” ​

Yet, somehow we feel the pressure to become successful, and well, yesterday.

🥵 What does this look like? Building a website, an online course, in-person networking, being active daily on 4 different social media channels, committing to a 21-day challenge, while also onboarding new clients, hiring someone and making the move to finally start that diet and exercise program.​

🤦‍♀️ I’ve been there, and the bottom line, the 0-100 overnight change is really not the way to go. It’s not sustainable. A short-term strategy that lacks focus. Plus, it’s more than a bit exhausting!​

Some consequences of trying to change everything at once?

💣 Short sprints of energetic posts/marketing efforts/production​

💣 Burnout / Social Media overload​

💣 Feeling like a failure​

💣 Little-mediocre business results​

👉 What every business owner (especially us moms) should be doing instead is going for the 1% change.

This concept was popularized by James Clear in Atomic Habits which is literally one of my all-time favorites. I’ve read it cover-to-cover 3x, listened to the audio and it was one of the handfuls of books that physically made it into my suitcase for our world travel. Yep, I’m a fan 🤓

🍰 The 1% approach holds that we shouldn’t ​ try to change everything at once, but rather small, bite-sized chunks that lead to massive change over time! A recipe for success instead of disaster!​

Implementing the 1% change instead of going 0-100 overnight means

🔥 Steady, consistent growth​

🔥 Maintaining momentum​

🔥 Less hard work​

🔥 Feeling fulfilled and successful​

🔥Better results over the long term​

🛑 So next time you’re thinking of starting 5 different massive projects at the same time or doing a complete 180 in your business stop and instead look at where you could start making 1% changes that will start shifting your business consistently in the right direction!​

Here’s my live video discussing more about this blog.

Comment HABITS below if you would love to get some practical tips on applying this approach to your business 💃


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